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Bridge Foundation Community represents a sense of unity, support, and connection among individuals within a community. Symbolizing the idea of coming together to bridge differences, build relationships, and work towards common goals and values.

A safe space where individuals can come together to collaborate, share ideas, and support one another on their journey towards sustainability, self-sufficiency, and positive social change.

A network of individuals who are committed to building a better future, not only for themselves but for the planet as a whole.
Embodying the concept of interconnectedness and interdependence, emphasizing the importance of working together to create a more resilient and sustainable society.

Promoting the idea of building bridges between people of different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration.
A beacon of hope, a place where individuals can come together to inspire, empower, and uplift one another in the pursuit of a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Issues We Face

The Problem

Impacts Us All

The question that many of us grapple with in our daily lives: 

"Am I going to be, okay? Is my world safe? Can I trust what I see?"

Our current standard of living is leaving many of us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Globalization has led to resource control by a few entities, exacerbating inequality.   Consumerism has fueled a generation of waste, lack of regard for our over-utilization of natural resources, a polluted atmosphere, toxic farmlands, and plastic in our oceans, all while billions are still in poverty without basic services such as clean water, shelter and proper sanitation. 

Stress, poor health, mental disturbances, increased suicide, social unrest and fear are becoming all too common.   Our institutionalized systems, from education to healthcare, too often are only able provide minimum standards of service and performance. Excellence in the performance of one's duties and mutual respect for one another are to often the exception, not the norm. As a whole we are feeling a more disempowered and uninspired, feeling trapped by mortgage and debt and unfulfilled desires and passions.   

The ancient brain, part of our collective unconscious, instinctively seeks safety and security. But in today's world, true safety seems elusive. We can feel the unrest bubbling beneath the surface, as systems strain under the weight of their own complexity.

The trend of our collective sub-conscious seems to be seeking the “other”, the “they”, to fix these issues, often innacting the victim role. We accept increased restrictions and levels of governmental controls in the name of better safety and security.  We feel disempowered to effect change when we view the magnitude of the problems. 

The ancient brain, part of our collective unconscious, instinctively seeks safety and security. But in today's world, true safety seems elusive. We can feel the unrest bubbling beneath the surface, as systems strain under the weight of their own complexity.

The Environment

Humans are continually and often unintentionally creating an unhealthy environment. Although we have environmental regulations and financial incentives to build with green technologies, too often infrastructure seems to be built at any cost to the environment. We see environmental impacts to our land, forests, water, and habitat often almost too late to remediate. New innovations are often applied to our physical infrastructure, as well as to our consumer-oriented society with its insatiable appetite for more (think packaging and it’s environmental toxicity), and within a handful of decades we have created environmental damage that could be permanent. Not to mention the unknown and unanticipated negative health consequences showing up in all segments of society including our children.   

A Few Facts about Toxicity and Human Beings

The human health condition is seeing unprecedented levels of cancer occurring in demographics of our populations not previously seen. Higher levels of inflammation in the population as a whole has been linked to dementia, depression, diabetes, cancer, and the formation of blood clots which may lead to heart attack or stroke. Studies indicate that 80% of all diseases are diet-related and our food is no longer our medicine -- in fact it's actually killing us. People are choosing to have fewer children, not only because the world is becoming more unstable and the ability to support children is questionable, but because our ability to have children is declining. Testoterone levels in males has decreased significantly in the last two generations. Our processed food and growth hormone treated meat and dairy is disrupting hormone balance in both males and females, increasing levels of estrogen and resulting in decreased sperm count and infertility in men.

It is time for change. As human beings and fellow travelers, we realize our journey to this point is simply a part of a grand journey. We have the opportunity to put our new found "collective awareness" of our interconnectedness to one another, and to our world around us.

Our Solution


Why of Our Methodology

Our approach is “whole-system” way of living using a building style called Terraculture   Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that "form begets function." In other words, by changing our infrastructure, we can change our thinking. We can re-imagine our way of providing for our basic needs. Terraculture takes abundant natural resources such as wind and sunlight, combined with the geothermal properties of earth-building, creates heating, cooling and electricity completely off-grid. 

The proven earth-building techniques create beautiful and low-cost, self-sustaining green houses and housing that utilize the natural insulating and cooling properties of the earth to maintain ambient temperature and support a year-round growing and living environments. 

  • The system is completely self-contained and self-sustaining – not requiring outside support from corporations, governments, or other entities.

  • Those people living within the terraculture system will be free of mortgage debt and food transportation and distribution costs.

  • Food is grown locally, picked at peak nutrition and taste and distributed through a member-owned cooperative we call an Agri-City

  • The Agri-City concept offers a re-imagined future for city-living that can provide solutions to many of the pressing challenges of our present system

  • By implementing this innovative approach, we have the opportunity to create healthier, more resilient, and truly sustainable way of life for ourselves and our posterity.


Each community will foster one or more primary resource-intensive export industries as major economic engine such as: (think of a community owned, truly member run “corporation”)

    - Dairy
    - Large scale hemp operation for building materials, nutritional supplementation, etc.
    - Textile
    - Regenerative farming
    - Eco-Agri tourism / Destination retreats
    - Arts & Crafts, Homesteading skills, Fairs,
    - 3D printing

Really any mutually agreed upon initiative.  Recruitment for each Agri-City will naturally occur around similar interests to a degree.  The city center will offer all major community services such as healthcare, education, parks and recreation, all provided by skilled community members.  Specialty “Guilds” are created for vocational and subject expertise.  

The agri-city will feature a service intensive, community governance organization. Models such as the Parent Teacher Association and other partnership styled organizations will be adapted by the community to this model. And as the idea takes hold, additional communities will form using Agri-City master plan. These sister-cities will offer member benefit trade options to one another.  These will be safe-havens as the system will be self-sustaining.  The “Laws of the Land” and existing governmental structures are honored and respected.  There is simply a higher degree of safety and security within these planned communities.

Features of Agri-City

Size:  Depends on County requirements, but generally one homestead per five acres, plus the city center.  The question is what is the maximum capacity any purchased total acreage can hold.  We don’t know specifically yet, as we are creating both vertical growing, hydroponic and terraculture green-housing

Homesteads: Average size 1-6 people.  Maximum household size is currently defined by most county regulations as 20 people.  

City is considered a “walk-in” city with city center accessible on a two-axis primary road system.  

Vehicle traffic is kept to a minimum to enhance environment esthetics, beauty and interrelatedness of people generally walking.  Electric powered small carts would be a style of encouraged transportation.

Depending on the natural resources and environment, each agri-city will emphasize a system of redundant sustainable energy options, such both passive & active energy systems utilizing solar, wind, geo-thermal, etc.   

Agriculture production will utilize regenerative farming practices to eliminate toxic chemicals.  Homes will be built using the terraculture methodology with an energy neutral footprint; incorporating the elements of a fully integrated an optimized system where all parts are utilized and waste is eliminated.

How We Benefit


Agri-City addresses current issues comprehensively, offering a holistic alternative to urban living.

It Fosters community and self-sufficiency, promotes resilience and social cohesion.

Mitigates environmental impact through sustainable practices which benefits both residents and the planet.

Improves mental and physical well-being by reconnecting with nature and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Provides an alternative to traditional urban living options, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Our answer is to create a better alternative, to Imagine our better tomorrow.

Global transformation begins with personal choice, responsibility and stewardship. Contact us to learn more.

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How to get Involved
Weekend Experiential

Our demonstration homestead model is currently being built. Volunteers looking to learn more may join our weekend work parties.

You will enjoy a reprieve from the hustle and bustle world, stepping away into the quietude and beauty of the West Desert of Utah.

Learn how to's, meet the best people, and catch the spirit of a whole-hearted community creating a better tomorrow.

More About The Weekend Experiential



In gatherings small and large, we teach and mutually support one another. Bringing the traditions of our multi-cultural relations together, we recognize we are a global family.

Each person is needed. Every skill and creative thought is important.

Our future depends on us finding our common human bonds and bringing our collective consciousness to bear on the methods and means for supporting all as we weave the fabric of our future.

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