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Healing Traditions are shared.
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At Bridge Foundation Community, we believe in taking urgent and compassionate action today to bridge our current world with a sustainable future. Join us in making a measurable difference in the lives of others through our sustainable food, energy, and housing. Real change starts here.

Our mission is to develop and promote a sustainable agri-city styled living model designed to support the global transformation of our planet through responsible living; nurturing both the earth and the souls of the community members.

We Will Adopt and Teach Practices Designed to:
  • Offer a “whole-system” solution addressing the community basic needs -- answering the call for safety and security in housing and food security.
  • Foster a community mindset where personal empowerment and interconnectedness is celebrated as the vehicle for change---leading to more innovative solutions.
  • Fan the embers of real independence where you reclaim your time, energy and resources, redirecting your life-force into your passions because you are freed from worry about your future.
  • Reclaim personal sovereignty. To lead with the Heart.
To Create Global Transformation: 

  • An agreement to reform and recreate our world — collaboratively and in balance with nature

  • A world that benefits not only us, but future generations and ensures a future for our children

  • An experience of living that supports engagement and vitality in the day-to-day experiences

  • A system that is regenerative and sustainable

The Agri-City concept offers a promising vision for the future of urban living, addressing pressing challenges while promoting sustainability and community well-being.

By embracing this innovative approach, we have the opportunity to create healthier, more resilient, and truly sustainable cities for generations to come

Agri-city living is an interim phase towards global inter-connectiveness of specialized communities.

Society is always in flux, and we have the opportunity to shape its evolution. We can take the vestiges of the old world and use them as building blocks for something new. 

The power to create change lies within each and every one of us. By coming together, by reimagining our world, and by embracing the possibility of transformation, we can build a civilization that is safe, sustainable, and truly worthy of our collective potential.

Global Transformation begins with Personal Choice, Responsibility, and Stewardship.

Be a part of the solution as we Build, Grow and Nourish.
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Our Team

A group of caring and devoted individuals, all doing this work voluntarily. We stand to make a difference in our world.

Michele (4)
Michele R. Day
Tactical Founder

Ready to Go

Leading with Heart

Jennifer Jones
Pachakuti Director

Holding the Traditions of our Ancestors

Trent Larson
Volunteer Director 

Applying Technology to Service

John W. Day
Visionary Founder

Seeing the Future Today

By joining our movement, you will be a part of the solution.

Together we can eliminate poverty, food scarcity and homelessness, creating wholesome living environments in an attractive, non-toxic lifestyle alternative.

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